Thursday, December 18, 2008

The First L5R Blog Post

So here we are, the first post. I will be posting information on games, house rules, updates, etc. on this page. Any responses are greatly appreciated. If the title of the post is not inquotes, then it is a general discussion on rules, game stuff, etc - basically anything to do with our game or world.

If the title is in quotes, then it refers to actual game material - it will be written in a semi-story format, much the way I might describe it at a gaming session. I may have to take some liberties with character responses in a situation, but I will try to keep that to a minimum, and if I describe something that your character would not do, correct it in a response. I really don't see having to do it often (if at all) but, just in case.

When you respond to a story like this, put your character's name in quotes at the top, then either speak in character (in quotes) or describe your actions, again keeping in character as much as possible. If you have a comment out of character, or a question that you need to ask about relevant info, use anything to indicate that you are not in character - maybe hyphens like I am using right now - that could be a good idea, just make sure that I know whether it is you or your character talking.

If I have the title in single quotes, it is a summary of a game that has occured. I will also include that as a parenthetical in the title and in the label for the post. Much like the above process for responding to a blog, you can describe what your character is doing if you missed the session.

In addition, if there is down time between games (say one story arc ends, and there are weeks/months before the character's next in game encounter) you can describe your training regimen, spell research, maho research, love interests, political intrigue - anything you want, and I can play off that for mini games as well.

Well, I am off for now, but we will give this the old college try, as they say...

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