Monday, August 24, 2009

New Weapons Rules

So, I was perusing the weapons section of the L5R 3rd edition, revised, and I noticed some glaring inconsistencies that have bothered me since day 1. The heavy weapons are not nearly lethal enough. By way of comparison, a standard archer with a Daikyu and strength 3 with a willow leaf arrow does 8k2. A strength 3 bushi with a katana only does 6k2, while that same strength 4 bushi with a tetsubo does 5k3. The following are the averages:

  • Daikyu: 22

  • Katana: 18

  • Tetsubo: 23

Granted, the tesubo knocks of 10 points of armor, but since the average dude wears only 5 points of armor, we can rectify the situation by giving the tetsubo 1 raise for damage (to compensate for the 5 lower TN) giving the tetsubo 6k3, for the average listed below:

  • Tetsubo: 25

For the other heavy weapons, a strength 3 samurai gets these averages:

  • Dai Tsuki: 5k3 : 23

  • Masakiri: 4k3 : 22

  • Ono: 4k4 : 23

Of course, the heavy weapons have better damage for even strengths, so here is what a strength 4 bushi would do with the following:

  • Katana: 7k2 : 20

  • Tetsubo: 6k3 : 25

  • Dai Tsuki: 7k3 : 27

  • Masakiri: 6k3 : 25

  • Ono: 6k4 : 30

Of course, our archer does the same 8k2, even at 4 strength, so would spend the experience on increasing reflexes instead, keeping more dice to hit, and having a higher TN at the same time. Notice that the heavy weapons are not generally that much more dangerous, and since everyone has to be proficient with the katana (socially speaking), they are at an additional disadvantage as you must buy up two skills if you want one of these as a primary weapon.

I am working on a new weapon system that will supersede the book rules, and it will be ready tomorrow, or later today. Check back here to see it. It will incorporate strength minimums for using weapons, bonuses to damage for using two hands on a katana, and rules for using large weapons one handed if you are large and strong enough.

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