Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Revised Spellcasting

The base TN for a spell is mastery level x5. The roll is School Rank + Ring, keep Ring. You may make raises equal to your Void or your Spellcraft skill, whichever is greater. Spells take as many rounds to cast as the rank of the spell.

Effects of Raises:
  • Each raise increases the range by an increment equal to the original range. (50' base, 3 raises adds 150')
  • Each raise increase the area of effect by an increment equal to the original area of effect. Spells with an area of effect: self cannot be increased in area.
  • Each raise increases the duration by an increment equal to the original duration.
  • Raises for effect are listed under the spells as "special raises"
  • One raise can change the cosmetic effect of the spell (color of flames, basic shape of object created, etc). This will have no effect on the efficiency of the spell, but can be done to impress others with one's command of the kami. More raises can achieve more spectacular modifications.
  • Each raise reduces the casting time by one round (down to a minimum of one).

New Rules:

  • A spellcraft skill of rank 5 gives you a free raise when casting a spell.
  • Affinity with an element makes the casting time of a spell take one less round than normal (to a minimum of 1 round).
  • Deficiency with an element makes the casting time of a spell take one more round than normal.
  • Casting a spell on an unwilling target imposes a penalty of (Target's Insight Rank)+(Target's Ring that corresponds to the element of the spell - i.e. Earth vs. Earth, etc.). This is because the kami of the element may be loath to bother someone who is strong in the same element. Creatures without a school rank substitute their Taint Rank for this penalty. This represents the kansen resisting the kami.

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